Winner of the Game Jam Winter 2022

Description: This is a remake of my puzzlescript game, Puzzling Magnetism, now built with There are new mechanics and levels and even a level editor.

Controls: Control blue with WASD and red with the arrow keys. Press R to rewind moves.

Goal: Have all the red crates on the red targets and all the blue crates on the blue targets.

Mechanics: The blue characters can push blue crates and pull red crates. The red characters can push red crates and pull blue crates. Think of their behavior like a magnet: pushing similar crates and pulling opposite crates.

New Mechanics: The different characters now have an electric charge that increases when picking up a battery. With a higher charge, a character can push more similarly colored crates at once and pull more alternating colored crates at once. Note that characters of the same color share the same electric charge displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen during a level.

About: I made this game using for my Game Design 1 class.

Attribution: Background Music by HorrorPen (

AuthorKevin Joseph
Made withp5.js
TagsLevel Editor, p5play, Remake
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Very good!


Cool puzzle game! Also great use of groups and the Tiles constructor in your code.